Around Dry Creek Jan 4 2008

These pictures link to larger ones.

Gallagher Creek at Hartman Rd and Hidden Valley Ave

Putah Creek at Hartman Rd, from HWY 29 bridge

Heck yeah Dry Creek Road is closed

Aussies at Dry Creek

Dry Creek from bridge

branches, dogs and Dog Rock

I think this is "Grandma's Creek" at Peterson Una Vaca Ranch

Looking down into "Lisa Land"

stream at area of stuck truck

Two foot diameter tree down across my road

While we stop to see pounding stream, Rostro takes a dump

Zoya knows this is no time to cross

Stream below road

Temperature sensor

more of the stream

waterfall in the sandy area

Rostro, Zoya and Shosta in the flooded sandy area. This is the very last of so many photos of dear Rostro, killed 3 days later when he ran in front of a truck.

All photos (c) 2008 Ed Oswalt