Around Dry Creek Jan 23 2008

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Buck Rock from Dry Creek Rd

Lycoperdon puffball

A day when familiar sights, like my car on Dry Creek Rd, look special

snow on the Jewess mine and hillside

miner camp

serpentine slope S of Dry Creek

Shosta and Zoya quarrel in snow

someone had been up Dry Creek Road

Zoya and Shosta in snow

Zoya especially likes to roll in it

Helen mine and Dry Creek valley to West

Wall Street Mine area

Zoya's favorite game is chase, and in the snow it's the best

This is Zoya's invitation to play chase position

Zoya rests in snow

another little battle with snarls

Zoya on steep stream road

running past snow-covered hammock

snow a few inches deep on picnic table

up the swath

Zoya hoped to go further up the road, but the wimpy human turned around

Shapely Zoya on the road

All photos (c) 2008 Ed Oswalt