Lake County May 28-31 2009

These pictures link to larger ones.

Surprisingly low Indian Valley Reservoir

Large trout in 3' deep part of inlet stream (Stanton Creek?)

Dick and Shostro

Gopher snake in same stream

Zoya (First 2 pics here show Zoya in same area 2 years before)

Deer Fly (Chrysops)?

Ceanothus on Bartlett Springs Rd

Upper Lake area

In Putah Creek, Shostro tries his luck while Mia is distracted

Shostro Roxie Mia

Shostro Mia Zoya in Putah

Zoya on Buck Rock

Shostro Mia on Buck Rock

Roxie atop Buck Rock

Mia in Putah

All photos (c) 2009 Ed Oswalt