Buck Rock Creek Water Analysis

Buck Rock Creek Water Analysis

Collected March 30 2006 Buck Rock Creek, pool about 50 feet below road
Tests performed by Brelje and Race of Santa Rosa

Bacteria test

Set 3/31 AM, completed 4/1/ noon: Total Coliform: Present E. Coli: Present Conclusion: Contaminated

Homeowners package test + mercury

Nitrate : 5.6 mg/L (required limit 45 mg/L) Total hardness as CaCO3 mg/L: 160 mg/L (150+ considered hard, 60-120 recommended) pH: 8.2 Specific conductance: 310 umhos/cm Iron: 150 ug/L (recommened limit 300 ug/L) Manganese: < 20 ug/L (recommended limit 50 ug/L) Mercury: < 1 ug/L (required limit 2 ug/L)

Buck Rock Creek is not an official name.

No name on maps, (tho similar in size to Herman Creek to east?) Corporate name sponsorship available.