Trinity Alps/Granite Lake backpack June 17-19 2008

Shosta with his pack on

Swift Creek

Through mixed conifers along Granite Creek

Snow field at around 5000 foot elevation

Gibson Meadow

At camping area, packs come off and dogs feel free

Zoya and Shosta inspect Granite Lake

Zoya on morning of 2nd day

Granite Lake in morning light

Zoya among Dudleya on granite

Peaks above Granite Lake -- we didn't go up there

Zoya stands over me as we rest

Shosta resting

There were many mosquitoes, and (shown here) Hover Flys, and other insects

Shady cozy campsite under boulder

Edge of Granite Lake

Dogs on granite slab

Shosta samples a willow

Shosta resting

Zoya resting

Granite Lake Thurs morning

Snowmelt streaming over granite into lake

Zoya and Granite Creek

Dogs in meadow on hike out

Zoya with pack on snowfield

Dogs below cliff can't get back to me

Photos (c) 2008 Ed Oswalt