Rostro did nothing extraordinary to impress you on first meeting.
The effect of his charms grew in you as you got to know him.
His gaze into your eyes was direct and deep,
his licks so slow, sensitive and caring he was nicknamed Rostromeo.

He was not pushy, but patient.
He'd let the other dogs eat first, but was as plump as anyone.
We'd often hear him munching food in the middle of the night when he didn't have to fight for it.
He didn't fight for a choice spot on the bed but found the living room easy chair comfy at night

He cocked his head to the side to ponder things.
He assumed a serious expression to take a poo.
He did his share of barking and humping.
He became a vehicle chaser.

He was so happy to see Lisa after an absence, he jumped the highest of our 3 dogs trying to kiss her face.
On his last hike he was the one who broke from the others to come when called,
and he walked back to the car right beside me while the others were off --
until he realized Lisa was a hundred feet ahead of me, then he ran to her..

He liked to play soccer with a tennis ball,
eagerly ran on his many hikes.
He always helped Shosta bring the frisbee back.
and when he didn't have to compete for the catch he became more interested in getting it himself.

His colors were deep and rich,
his face silky,
one ear flopped back as he ran with Zoya and Shosta.
He wasn't picked high in his litter but in his budding doghood he was eyed as a sire.

He was just with us a few months, it should have been so much more,
And we'll never forget him