Clear Lake Hitch (Lavinia exilicauda) Spawning Migration April, 2011

These pictures link to larger ones.

April 2: Some of a large group of Hitch resting near the rapids at the Adobe Creek crossing of Bell Hill Road.

April 2: Another resting group.

April 2: Struggling up shallow water seemed the best route up to this one.

April 2: Getting through the swift water in this section of Adobe Creek is a real challenge and struggle.

April 2: Hitch in the smaller Thompson Creek, where the water is shallower and calmer.

April 2: A Hitch recuperates in a oxygenated bucket after being inspected and having a microchip inserted. After a few minutes he is returned to the creek.

April 2: Hitch at the net will soon be caught for inspection and microchip.

April 2: Size is usually about 15 inches. The insertion of the microchip being done under a Fish and Wildlife grant to the Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake.

April 5: Many eggs are exposed to air in declining water of Adobe Creek.

April 5: Barely still submerged eggs have internal spherical structure developing.

April 5: Closeup of above picture to show hairlike strands.

(c) Ed Oswalt 2011