Modoc July 9-11 2012 Goose Lake / Cave Lake / Dismal Swamp

These pictures link to larger ones.

Nighthawk, Three Springs area W of Goose Lake

Road which crosses floodbasin of southern Goose Lake, West of Davis Creek

Cave Lake

Zoya at Cave Lake's cave

Cave Lake, mtns to SE

Zoya: Chief Swamp Scout

Sunshine: Campsite Security Manager, Senior member of group

Shostro: Recreational Activities Director, with Dick

Beetle (Coleoptera), possibly suborder Polyphaga

Dick, Shostro, inlet creek to Lily Lake

Lily Lake

Streptanthus cordatus

moth, I can't even figure what family

Plecoptera (stonefly) family Paraperlinae

Moonlight Mine area: near and distant trees (mostly Lodgepole Pine?) dead

Birds and Pussypaws at Moonlight Mine

wonderful Dismal Swamp

Chief Swamp scout in action

Butterfly (Lepidoptera) genus Parnassius

Fly (Diptera), possibly genus Drosophila

Maybe this grasshopper (suborder Caelifera) is in genus Hippopedon