Pacific NW 2006

June 29-July 1 I attended the SABR (baseball research) convention in Seattle. [For the essence of my talk on trends in the strategies of pitching staff usage, see THIS

Keynote speaker Jim Bouton (author of "Ball Four", the only sports book on the NY Library list of important books of 20th century.

Pete Palmer and FX Flinn discuss the concept of "replacement value" player as we walk to Safeco Field Friday evening.

This was my first time at a night game (7:05 start) which ended before sunset.

Salmon berry on Olympic Peninsula

Salmon berry on Olympic Peninsula

Salmon berry on Olympic Peninsula

Fern near Hoh River

Polypore near Hoh River

Log near Hoh River

Tadpoles in side channel of Hoh River

Plants look to sun hear Hoh River

Baby grouse?, near Ozette Lake ...

and its mother.

Point S of Cape Alava

Area S of Cape Alava is teeming with crabs.

Rocks and islands near shore make the shore highly protected from waves.

Juvenile bald eagle.

I saw 3 or 4 adult bald eagles. When they take off from the trees they are surprisingly quiet.

Bald Eagle in fir.

Area of Sand Point.

Forest near Lake Ozette.

Trail between Lake Ozette and Sand Point has much boardwalk.


also Foxglove

also Foxglove

Olympic Range above Port Angeles

Juan de Fuca Strait near Port Angeles.

hanging millipede.

In Forest near Olympc Hot Springs.

In forest near Olympic Hot Springs.

Nest of swallows?, Cape Lookout St Park, Oregon.

Nest of swallows? Cape Lookout St Park, Oregon.

Photos (c) 2006 Ed Oswalt. I have higher resolution versions.