Berkeley Hills lot botanical survey
Genus Species Common Pic Native? Notes
??????--Yyellow flowered weed, flat spot E of SE patio
????bamboo--Nborder w low end of neighbors drive
????some other Thistle--?
????unknown Fern--Nby steps N patio
Acacia?Acacia--volunteer along driveway
AdiantumaleuticumFive-fingered FernPIC N
AesculuscalifornicaCalifornia Buckeye--Y
AesculushippocastanumHorse Chestnut--
Agave?Agave--bottom neighbor's driveway
Amarillus????Pink Lady--by road
AnagallisarvensisScarlet Pimpernel--
ArbutusunedoStrawberry Madrone PIC E of mailbox, native to med region
Asarumcaudatum?Wild Ginger--driveway steps
AvenafatuaWild Oat--
BaccharispilularisCoyote Brush--
Billbergia??BillbergiaPICdriveway steps
BougainvilleaspectabilisBougainvillea PIC
CalocedrusdecurrensIncense Cedar PIC
Campanula???? CedarPIC
CeanothusaroreusWild Lilac--booms later than thyrsiflorous, native but from nursery
CirsiumvulgareBull Thistle--
CitrusmeyeriMeyer Lemon PIC by front door
ClaytoniaperfoliataMiner's LettucePIC
Clivia??Clivia--driveway steps, planted 40 y.a., S African
ConiummaculatumPoison Hemlock--
CortaderiajubataPampas Grass--
Cotoneaster?Cotoneaster PIC big bush W of kitchen and by road
Datura?DaturaPIC tree SE corner S patio
Echiumcandicans?Pride of Madeira?PIC E side of driveway, spectacular blue spikes in Spring
Ehrhardtacalcina?Veldt Grass? PIC S African grass, stays green longer and less prickly than CA species
EucalyptusficifoliaRedflower Gum Eucalyptus--
EucalyptusglobulusBlue Gum Eucalyptus--tallest, white bark
EucalyptusviminalisRibbon Gum Eucalyptus--
Ficus??Fig TreePICnear road
Forsythia?Forsythia--transplanted from Smith's 8-Mile Rd property, yellow flower sorta like Scotch Broom
Fuchsia?Firecracker Fuscia--outside kitchen window, along NE steps to septic
GarryaellipticaCoast Silktassle--40 years old, SE corner flat part of driveway, mixed with Catalina Cherry
HederahelixEnglish Ivy--
HeracleumlanatumCow Parsnip--
Hordeummurinum?Foxtail grass--
Ilexaquifolium?Holly--accross walk from Huckleberry
Kniphofiauvaria?Poker Plant--by road, etc
LithocarpusdensiflorusTanbark OakPIC W of Diningroom/kitchen, transplanted from reservation
LoliummultiflorumRyegrass--Dad spread 20lbs of seed on bulldozed area
LyonothamnusfloribundusCatalina IronwoodPIC
Malusdomesticus?Golden Delicious Apple--below shed
Malusdomesticus?Granny Smith Apple--below Golden Del
Malusdomesticus?Gravenstein Apple--biggest apple tree here
Malusdomesticus?Red Delicious Apple--
Mirabilis???Four O'Clock--
MorusnegraBlack Mulberry--
MyoporumlaetumNgaio Tree--next to Zelkova, mockingbirds like berries, one died in '72 freeze
ParthenocissusquinquefoliaVirginia CreeperPIC
Phormium??Phormium PIC
PinuscanariensisCanary Island Pine--tall to W of cutoff pine near old shed
PinusradiataMontery Pine--
PittosporumundulatumVictorian boxPIC
Polystichummunitum?(Western?) Sword Fern--
Prunus?Elephant Heart Plum--
Prunus?Howard Miracle Plum--
Prunus?Purple Leaf Plum--sloped part of NE corner driveway
Prunus?Santa Rosa Plum--NW area, should be pruned
Prunusavium?Akebono Cherry--front patio
Prunusavium?Bing Cherry--several in front of bird feeder
Prunusavium?Black Tartanian Cherry--now dead and gone
Prunusavium?Royal Anne Cherry--pinkish yellow fruit, along deck
PrunusilicifoliaCatalina Cherry--native, many eg NE end neighbor driveway
PrunuslaurocerasusEnglish Laurel--driveway steps, hedge W edge of lot
Pyracantha?Pyracantha PIC
QuercusagrifoliaCoast Live Oak--
RhamnuscalifornicaCalifornia Coffeeberry--
RubusdiscolorHimalayan Blackberry--
RubusursinusCalifornia Blackberry PIC
Sedumpraealtum?PICsucculent, lots around
StachysbyzantinaLamb's Ears--maybe gone, choked by onion
ToxicodendrondiversilobumPoison Oak--
UmbellulariacalifornicaBay, California LaurelPIC
UrticadioicaStinging Nettle--
VaccimiumovatumHuckleberryPIC corner of N patio by walk, from Stwart's Pt Reservation
Vincamajor?Periwinkle--by road, etc
Vituscalifornica or girdiana?Wild Grape--
Wisteria??Wisteria--driveway steps
ZantedeschiaaethiopicaCalla Lilly--
Zelkova?Zelkova--NW corner of house, fallen over