Ed's Lake County Wildlife Encounters

Insect's struggle to emerge

Grebe Feeding -- Anderson Marsh

Scrub jay nest

Juvenile Great Horned Owl -- Lake County Wildlife Rescue Center

Remains of spider-eaten scarab, I think.

California Newt likes my garden's driphose

Cache Creek Tule Elk

Heron and Cormorant nesting area

Bobcat, Anderson Marsh St Park, Oct 2005

May 2004 newborn deer

When I first saw this tail, it was writhing around on the road, sometimes flipping itself over. I watched on the road a few minutes then took it home. Gradually it slowed down. It gave me strange feelings about life and death, how this isolated body part seems so alive. I thought at first it was from a snake -- it seems so long, and I was puzzled about the rest of the snake. Now I've figured out it is the tail of a California Alligator Lizard (Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata); they have breakaway tails. Took the tail to the cutting board ...

MPEG video: Bat flying out of bathouse over my deck

Photos and video (c) 2004 Ed Oswalt