CutRate Star Naming

For only $19.88 sent to my paypal account I'll name ANY star, planet, astroroid, crater, etc. anything you want! (except the 2 already taken) Why buy from CutRate Star Naming? Compare features:

Scam operator PriceName Registration locationStar Availability
International Star Registry $54 Some dusty tome in Library of Congress Obscure stars only astronomy geeks know about with numbers for current names
CutRate Star Naming $19.88 Right here on the internet!! Plenty of good stars and planets available (e.g. Mars or Polaris)!!

Current Name Table

Former Star Name New Star Name
The Sun Ed Star
Jupiter Planet Ed
Vega Esther
Polaris Meelee Miley Schmooe
The moon Still available!!

More great News!

I don't send a map for you to locate your star, but heck just pick the moon or something like that and you won't need it!
More great news! For each star name purchased, I'll donate 5 cents to the consumer protection agency!
Still more great news! You can get a free fascinating booklet (if you print it that way) on astronomy HERE

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